The patient journey according to fleexi

An innovative hybrid Patient Journey Digital Health Platform promotes an innovative hybrid Patient Journey that offers an immersive and fluid user experience that includes check-up services, prevention, treatment of chronic diseases (and more…) and health care, thus overcoming the fragmentation of current care and prevention systems.

The Digital Health Platform is the only platform that allows our partners to customize the Patient Journey, adapting it to different needs.

Build and offer custom solutions for every need: from corporate welfare programs to solutions for chronic management or rare disease monitoring, through the Patient Support Program, is the solution that simplifies and makes this possible.

Want to get an idea of what you can accomplish? Here’s a nice example of Patient Journey:

Health Check

It’s the phase, in person or virtual , in which the medical history is traced. During this phase, once clarified the objective the user intends to achieve, the clinicians identifies the user risk profile and draws up a real monitoring plan that will typically require involvement (empowerment) in different aspects such as adherence to the therapeutic plan or diet plan. Moreover the system will collect data on physical activity, sleep, oxygen saturation, etc through the use of wearables and medical device


It is the stage of our Patient Journey dedicated to wellbeing, aware that a scrupulous phase of prevention and monitoring represents a parachute that can significantly slow down all the symptoms of aging. It is through this protocol that the user can collect important information about his lifestyle and make any corrections that may be necessary thanks to AI systems and medical support always operational behind the scenes.

Chronic Care

It is the monitoring phase of any chronic events that may occur in the life of all of us: pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD today account for about 80% of over 60s chronic patients. Today, medical practice increasingly promotes a model of chronic care based on remote monitoring. Monitoring requires the use of medical devices and the right level of engagement for patients who may sometimes not have the right degree of digital literacy. In this sense our User Centered Design approach together with the use of devices connected to the smartphone such as glucometer, oximeter, balance, etc… ensure a simplified and at the same time effective use in clinical terms.

Social Health Care

The last stage of our journey is designed for elderly age users who need personal assistance services such as: drug delivery, home care, therapies and home analysis in addition to motion detection services, panic/SOS button, indoor and outdoor geolocation,, etc.. It is especially at this stage that we need to ensure that the services are used as unobtrusively as possible while at the same time providing a high degree of reliability of collected data. Our ability to select the most suitable medical devices for the purpose combined with a wise use of the services of the medical central are an important added value.