Fully customizable solutions

Fleexi Digital Health Platform allows you to build fully customizable solutions that meet different market needs. Here are the solutions currently available, out of the box.

#Fleexi.Care – The solution for public and private medical center

Fleexi’s solution consists of a series of modules:

  • Monitoring of chronic diseases: diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD now account for about 80% of over 60s chronic patients. Today, medical practice increasingly promotes a model of chronic care based on remote monitoring. Monitoring requires the use of medical devices and the right level of engagement for patients who may sometimes not have the right degree of digital literacy. In this sense our User Centered Design approach together with the use of devices connected to the smartphone such as glucometer, oximeter, balance, etc… ensure a simplified and at the same time effective use in clinical terms.
  • Post-traumatic and post-operative motor rehabilitation
  • Psychological Counselling

#Fleexi.Wellness – The solution for private companies

In the context of corporate welfare, the most appreciated service is healthcare. The increase in life expectancy, the incidence of chronic diseases, the demand for social and health care extended to all family members with related social and family issues, Increasing confidence in digital tools means that personalized medicine and telemedicine solutions are increasingly in demand.

Fleexi offers through a digital platform a rich range of solutions for the management of the well-being of staff and a program of medical and health care for the whole family tailored and easily accessible remotely through a personalized path.

Want to co-create a solution and distribute it?

Fleexi collaborates with Insurance, health funds, welfare companies, Big Pharma, Public and Private health structures that want to offer their users customized digital health solutions.

Fleexi adapts to different needs and supports partners in quickly creating innovative products.