the digital
patient journey.

Flexibility is in our DNA, but we have a fixation (*): simplifying the implementation of care, prevention and corporate welfare solutions for our partners.

How? With our Digital Health Platform:

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(*) yes we know, but we have not resisted the temptation of oxymoron!

Solutions of digital

Solutions for the insurance market, health funds, welfare companies, public and private health facilities and Big Pharma. the Digital Health Platform that allows our Partners to build and customize health, care and wellbeing solutions adapting to their needs.

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A Patient Journey
that best fits
your needs

The Digital Health Platform promotes a hybrid or phigital Patient Journey that can overcome the fragmentation of current care and prevention systems. Our Partners have for the first time the possibility to build the Patient Journey that best suits their needs.

The Patient Journey

in the era of
connected care

Today, health is increasingly perceived from a social point of view as a multidimensional need. At the same time, digital platforms are entering the era of personalized home medicine.

Connected Care allows doctors and healthcare professionals to follow and treat certain types of patients remotely, using computers, smartphones or other connected devices.

These two effects, social and technological, have allowed us to enter a new era, an era in which remote monitoring, supported by digital processes and an ad hoc organization, allows us to stay healthy and identify risk factors early.

Fleexi Digital Health Platform provides a holistic view in terms of:

Participatory medicine

Through the involvement of the citizen-patient not only in care, but also in the design of paths and tools of relationship.

Remote medicine

Through the implementation of solutions that make Telemedicine a stable and integrated component in the organization of care.

Proximity medicine

Solutions and projects enabling care models based on the territory where the citizen lives and works.

Data-Driven Medicine

Through instruments that support doctors in the formulation of diagnosis, in the choice of treatment and in its best execution.