The Platform

An innovative healthcare and interoperable digital ecosystem is an innovative healthcare and interoperable digital ecosystem implemented by a digital health platform that can offer an unprecedented user experience and connect the different stakeholders of the digital ecosystem: Patients, doctors, health care staff, corporate communities, operators of Operative Centres operators, overcoming the fragmentation of processes that often characterizes current systems of care and prevention.

Technology is a modern cloud native platform and API first that we like to call “Health Agility Layer” because it can overcome the rigidities and fragmentation of the silos that make up the various public and private care systems thanks to the adoption of an interoperability model, called Connected Care. This model can integrate new organizational models and technological solutions in order to enable the sharing of clinical information of users among all the actors involved in the treatment and prevention process. is a suite of “cloud native” modules based on a level of microservices that are independent in terms of cloud providers. Each microservice is autonomous, covers a specific domain, and is designed with an API first approach.

The platform’s catalog of APIs allows you to integrate the different services that make up the Fleexi ecosystem with third-party services (payment systems, agendas, personal data and more)

Fleexi is available both as a Saas and On Premise: you can build, configure, access, and integrate it into any cloud infrastructure, anywhere, anytime.

The protocols

Fleexi Protocols are clinically validated paths that can cover a variety of needs and therefore are highly customizable.

The Protocols currently available are:

  • fleexi. Wellness: treatment, prevention and assistance program
  • fleexi.ChronicDisease: program for monitoring chronic diseases
  • fleexi.Mind: psychological counseling program
  • fleexi.Body: post-traumatic and post-surgical motor rehabilitation program

Fleexi protocols are constantly evolving and allow you to address a variety of needs: from wellbeing to chronic monitoring to psychological counseling and motor rehabilitation to the management of rare diseases through the Patient Support Program.